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Frequently Asked Questions:

What to bring?

You absolutly need to bring a valid credit card and a piece of ID (drivers licence) for the security deposit.

You can also bring your phone for pictures and music (our jetski's have Bluetooth speakers and a phone compartment. No need to bring a lifejacket as it will be provided to you. The items you wish not to bring on the jetski can be left in your car or with us on the dock. 

When do I arrive for my rental?

You need to arrive around 30 minutes before the start of your rental with all of your stuff so we can start giving you the instructions for your rental and start filling out the forms/security deposit.

Do I pay for my own gas?

YES. You will only be charged the amount of gas that was used during your rental. 

Do I pay a security deposit?

 You need to pay a security deposit of 750$ per Jetski that you rent. We only accept a security deposit from a valid credit card that is under the renter's name. The security deposit will be returned once the rental is finished and there is no damage of property.

How many seats do our Jetski's have?

Our GTI Jetski (orange) is the only jetski that is a 3 seater so a jetski that can accommodate 3 people with a weight limit of 600lbs . Our TRIXX jetski's are 2 seater jetskis that can accommodate 2 but is more suitable for 1 person if you are a big person. The weight limit on the TRIXX jetski is 350lbs.

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