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How to drive a jetski? A beginner's guide

Whether you want to do something different with your friends and family or just enjoy the adrenaline rush, an excellent idea is to rent a jetski in the waters of Canada. However, you may feel intimidated if it's your first time. So, here we give you the best tips on how to drive a jetski, more specifically, how to drive a Seadoo so you can enjoy a different sport.

Tips on how to drive a Seadoo

First of all, we just have to clarify that a Seadoo is just one of the best jetski brands nowadays. At Jetski Montreal we have chosen the Seadoo brand for jetski rentals because they are one of the most recognized in the market.

With this in mind, our tips on how to drive a Seadoo can help you later on to ride other brands of jetski.

1. Do you need a license to drive a seadoo?

A frequent question when it comes to taking the risk of riding a jetski is whether it is not only necessary to know how to drive a jetski but also to have a license, more specifically a recreational boat operator's license.

Thus, although it is recommended to have one, you can rent a jetski without the need to have a recreational boat operator's license. This is because most sites, including Jetski Montreal, offer a temporary license that is issued for the duration of the rental, the only condition is to follow the safety recommendations of the staff.

So, the short answer to "do you need a license to drive a Seadoo?" is no, however, if you really enjoy your time driving a jetski, you should consider getting one.

2. Uses all safety implements

Once we have answered the question "Do you need a license to drive a Seadoo?", and you have already chosen where to rent your jetski in Montreal, the first thing to do, whether you are a beginner or an expert, is to use the safety equipment.

First of all, you must wear life jackets. Check that the brand you are using follows the regulations imposed by the Canadian government.

You should also have a wetsuit and eye protection, since, due to the operation of the jetski, it is possible to get water in your eyes.

On the other hand, the Seadoo Canada jetski has a cord similar to that of the treadmill which you must put on your wrist. The idea is that if you fall off the jetski, it will automatically turn off thanks to the cord.

3. Moving away from the shore

Finally, you just have to get on your Seadoo in Canada and start learning how to ride a Seadoo. So, once your jetski is in the water, you must sit properly: with your feet on the footrests and your hands firmly on the handlebars.

Then you start the engine and you should drive slowly away from the shore, 5 to 10 kilometers per hour is a good speed, especially if you are learning how to drive a Seadoo.

Once you've moved far enough away from the shore, you should start to feel more movement in the water and that's where the fun begins.

4. Increasing the speed and turning around

We've already discussed the basics, now it's time to understand how to drive a Seadoo for fun.

As you feel comfortable, you should be able to increase the speed of your Seadoo Canada. However, you should avoid speeding up too much when you are near other drivers or swimmers.

When turning, you must maintain speed and lean in the direction you want to go, using the strength of your thighs to balance.

Finally, if you fall, don't worry, it happens to everyone. First, carefully lift your jetski and don't climb up the sides as your weight can cause the jetski to fall on top of you. It is better to get back on the jetski from the back.

Finally, we hope this article has been useful to encourage you to learn how to drive a Seadoo and discover new adventures. In the Montreal area, we recommend Jetski Montreal and remember that the most important thing is to follow the recommendations of the experts and lifeguards at the jetski rental sites.

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