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Basic guide to types of boats for beginners

Renting a nice boat can be a different and fun activity to have a good time with your family and friends. However, if you are a beginner in sailing, you may not know all the types of boats that exist. Thus, in this article we tell you everything you need to know about the different types of boats.

How many types of boats are there?

Before we start, you probably want to know how many types of boats there are. However, it would be almost impossible to name all their varieties.

In principle, these are divided into three main categories: cruising boats, fishing boats and water sports boats. They are also divided into the following subcategories: non-powered, sailboats and motorboats.

Here we will tell you about the most common types of boats for rent and sale.

Types of boats

With this in mind, here we will talk about the most popular types of boats: fishing boats, deck boats, dinghies and houseboats.

1. Fishing boats

Fishing boats can be used both at sea and on the river and are designed to optimize this activity and do not usually have a lot of space to relax. Thus, a nice boat for fishing will have stability to allow you to fish, as well as lockers to store your rods.

The most common types of boats for lakes are aluminum boats, as they weigh less which makes them easier to maneuver in the water and are highly durable.

2. Ships with deck

All the different types of boats have a deck; however, the so-called deck boats have an open deck with plenty of space, especially for relaxing and hanging out on a nice boat.

These types of boats are often used for leisurely cruising close to shore or on lakes and have special features for recreation. For example, Jetski Montreal offers boats with sound systems and barbecue.

Some of these types of boats for lakes allow passengers to jump into the water to swim. However, it is key that they follow the captain's recommendations and the boat rental site's regulations.

3. Dinghy boats

Dinghy boats are one of the most common types of boats on lakes. They are often accompanied by a larger boat, which can carry passengers away from the shore, while the dinghy boat type helps them to move in narrow and shallow areas.

These types of boats are usually small and inflatable, powered by sails or motors. They are popular for maneuvering in narrow areas and fishing.

4. Houseboats

If what you want is a nice boat to spend a vacation season on, this is one of the ideal types of boats for the task.

Houseboats come in different sizes: from the smallest and most adorable to luxury boats that could look like a mansion. These are used for vacationing and have beds, among other amenities.

In this nice boat, you can sail, rest or do water sports. They are often motorized, although they are usually kept in one place for long periods of time.

Regardless of which of the different types of boats you wish to rent or where you wish to rent them, under Canadian regulations you must have one of two elements: a recreational boating license approved by Transport Canada or a rental boat safety checklist approved by the rental service.

The checklist ensures that you have fully understood the rental site's recommendations and therefore guarantees a temporary license while you are on the boat. Also, most boat rental services, including Jetski Montreal, will offer you the accompaniment of a captain along with all the necessary safety equipment for the different types of boats.

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