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8 basic jet ski tricks for beginners

Renting and riding a jetski is a unique and exciting experience due to the high speeds these machines can reach. However, there are many people passionate about adrenaline who want a little more, so here we explain how to perform 8 jet ski tricks for beginners.

However, before we start, we would like to remind you that it is necessary to take all the safety measures beforehand. Jet skis have safety lanyards, which work very similar to those of treadmills. That is to say that if you fall, the safety cord will prevent you from being dragged while it automatically turns off the engine. On the other hand, jetski rental services have their own safety rules, remember to check if they have guarantees and policies on the subject.

In the same way, each country has different laws regarding the permitted speed and safety conditions that must be guaranteed by the jet ski renter. Thus, we invite you to review the Canadian laws on maritime vehicles here.

Once you have considered all these factors it is time to start performing jet ski tricks.

1- Driving while standing

First of all, it should be clarified that there are two types of jet skis: standing jet skis and those with a saddle to ride sitting down.

If you are using a jetski with a saddle, this is one of the jet ski tricks for beginners that will surely surprise all your friends.

It is very important that you use the strength of your feet, ankles and legs to support yourself and your abdomen to maintain your balance.

In case of turning, you must tilt your body in the direction you want to go.

2- Accelerating and braking

It seems like one of the most basic jet ski tricks, however, it is necessary to be able to perform any other trick.

Most jet skis do not have brakes, so to brake you must release the throttles slowly. Likewise, it is a matter of balance and abdominal strength. If you don't hold on properly, you may fall off the jetski.

3- Carving

Carving is nothing more than making precise, short, fast turns. However, you can't just turn quickly. You have to set up your body the right way or you could fall.

You must turn the handlebars all the way to the desired direction while leaning your body in the same direction.

It is key that you do not put all your weight in the direction you want to go because you may fall, just lean back gently following the curve of the turn.

As soon as you turn, gently ease off the accelerator.

4- Going in circles

This jetski trick is especially useful for those who will be riding on rivers or lakes as it allows you to create your own waves and thus do more jet ski tricks.

For this, you must also turn the handlebars in the opposite direction and tilt your body. Contrary to carving, the idea is that the turn is not so marked.

You can start by making a large circle to make it easier and as you practice you will surely be able to make smaller circles.

5- Driving on a wave

For this jet ski trick, once you make a circle you must return to the wave originating from the east.

Once you head into the wave, you should lean back. Make sure your legs are firm and bend your knees a little to avoid falling.

If you want to jump, you can add a little more speed to make the jetski tilt upwards. Remember to bend your knees when landing.

6- Surface 180

A 180 is one of the coolest jet ski tricks you can do, and one of the most popular.

For this one, you must turn at high speed. Turn the handlebars all the way from one direction to the other while maintaining speed.

You must lean your body in the same direction as the handlebars. When performed at high speed, you turn almost completely.

7- Surface 360

This is perhaps the most exciting jet ski trick ever. Many people wonder how to perform a 360 on a jetski and here we finally tell you how.

Although it is a bit more complicated, it is possible to do it. Instead of being a half turn, it is a full circle at high speed. For this one, you need more precision when leaning and moving the handlebars.

It is very important that you hold your position until you complete the twist and that you use the strength of your abdomen.

If you are still starting out, we recommend that you perform this jet ski trick in a remote area to avoid accidents.

8- Wheelie

You may be surprised to learn that you can pop a wheelie on a jetski. But you can experience the same thrill as a motorcycle rider.

For this jet ski trick, you just have to lift the jetski at high speed, trying to hold on tightly with your thighs and ankles so as not to fall.

If you are ready to try all these tricks, here you can rent your jet ski in Montreal.

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